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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
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ERIU Working Papers

Completed ERIU-funded research projects each result in a working paper that provides details about the study approach and findings. Many of the studies subsequently result in articles published in peer-reviewed journals. Substantive revisions made during the journal publication process may not be reflected in the working papers.

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McLaughlin, Catherine
Levy, Helen
Quinn, Brian
Aspects of Health Reform: Contributions from the Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured (View) 06/09 (n/a)
Buchmueller, Thomas C.
Monheit, Alan C.
Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance And The Promise Of Health Insurance Reform (PDF) (View) 08/08 Summary
Glied, Sherry Mandates And The Affordability Of Health Care (PDF) (View) 08/08 Summary
Baiker, Katherine
Dow, William H.
Risk Selection And Risk Adjustment: Improving Insurance In The Individual And Small Group Markets (PDF) (View) 08/08 Summary
Frick, Kevin D.
Chernew, Michael E.
Beneficial Moral Hazard And The Theory Of The Second Best (PDF) (View) 08/08 Summary
McLaughlin, Catherine
Rutledge, Matthew S.
Decomposing The Growing Disparity In Health Insurance. Coverage Between Hispanics And Non-Hispanic Whites (PDF) 03/08 Abstract
Harrington, Mary The Effect Of A Health Care Visit On Transitions To Medicaid Or Schip Among Uninsured, Low-Income Children (PDF) 06/08 Abstract
Hill, Steven C.
Kreider, Brent
Partially Identifying Treatment Effects with an Application to Covering the Uninsured (PDF) 04/06 Abstract
DeLeire, Thomas
Levine, Judith
Levy, Helen
Is Welfare Reform Responsible for Low-Skilled Women’s Declining Health Insurance Coverage in the 1990s? (PDF) 03/06 Abstract
Dey, Matthew
Flinn, Christopher
Household Search and Health Insurance Coverage (PDF) 11/05 Abstract
Dushi, Irena
Honig, Marjorie
Offers or Take-Up: Explaining Minorities' Lower Health Insurance Coverage (PDF) 09/05 Abstract
Ellis, Randall P.
Ma, Albert C. T.
Health Insurance, Expectations, and Job Turnover (PDF) 09/05 Abstract
Kuttner, Hanns Higher Income Americans Without Health Insurance: Nominally But Not Really A Growing Problem (PDF) 08/05 Abstract
Bound, John
Stinebrickner, Todd
Waidman, Timothy
Using a Structural Retirement Model to Simulate the Effect of Changes to the OASDI and Medicare Programs (PDF) 07/05 Abstract
Cullen, Julianne
DeCicca, Philip
Volden, Craig
The Impact of State CHIP Programs on Early Childhood Health Insurance Coverage, Utilitzation, and Outcomes (PDF) 07/05 Abstract
Kapur, Kanika
Escarce, José J.
Marquis, M. Susan
Simon, Kosali I.
Where Do the Sick Go? Health Insurance and Employment in Small and Large Firms (PDF) 07/05 Abstract
Rust, John
Benitez-Silva, Hugo
Buchinsky, Moshe
Health Status, Insurance, and Expenditures in the Transition from Work to Retirement (PDF) 07/05 Abstract
Blumberg, Linda
Cancian, Maria
Do Workers Face Constraints to Sorting Strategically for Employer Sponsored Insurance Offers? (PDF) 06/05 Abstract
Hamilton, Darrick
Darrity, William
Goldsmith, Arthur
Racial and Ethnic Composition of Firms and Disparities in Firm Provisions of Health Insurance Coverage (PDF) 03/05 Abstract
Maxwell, Nan L.
Paringer, Lynn
Employer-Based Health Insurance and Worker Skills (PDF) 03/05 Abstract
Chernew, Michael
Cutler, David
Keenan, Patricia
Rising Health Care Costs and the Decline in Insurance Coverage (PDF) 03/05 Abstract
Alegria, Margerita
Cao, Zhun
McGuire, Thomas
Takeuchi, David
Health Insurance for Vulnerable Populations: Understanding Differences across Asian American and Latino Subgroups in the United States (PDF) 02/05 Abstract
Royalty, Anne Beeson
Abraham, Jean
Health Insurance and Labor Market Outcomes: Joint Decision-Making Within Households (PDF) 01/05 Abstract
Lo Sasso, Anthony
Lurie, Ithai
Buchmueller, Thomas
Senesky, Sarah
Immigrants and Employer-Provided Health Insurance (PDF) 12/04 Abstract
Bansak, Cynthia
Raphael, Steven
The Effects of State Policy Design Features on Take Up and Crowd Out Rates for the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (PDF) 11/04 Abstract
Hirth, Richard
Baughman, Reagan
Chernew, Michael
Shelton, Emily C.
The Prevalence of Mismatches between Workers' Preferences and Employers' Insurance Offers (PDF) 11/04 Abstract
Lang, Kevin
Kang, Hong
Worker Sorting,Taxes and Health Insurance Coverage (PDF) 11/04 Abstract
Lang, Kevin
Kang, Hong
Why Do Firms Offer Multiple Health Plans? (PDF) 11/04 Abstract
Geronimus, Arline
Bound, John
Colen, Cynthia
Ingber, Lori Barer
Shochet, Tara
Urban/Rural Differences in Excess Mortality Among High Poverty Populations: Evidence from the Harlem Health Survey and Pitt County Hypertension Study (PDF) 10/04 Abstract
Haas, Jennifer
Swartz, Katherine
The Effects of Worker, Firm, and Market Characteristics on Access to Employer Sponsored Health Insurance (PDF) 10/04 Abstract
Lee, Ho Jin
Tian, Wei-Hua
The State Children's Health Insurance Program: Participation and Substitution (PDF) 10/04 Abstract
Waidmann, Timothy
Garrett, Bowen
Hadley, Jack
Explaining Differences in Employer Sponsored Insurance Coverage by Race, Ethnicity and Immigrant Status (PDF) 10/04 Abstract
Bhattacharya, Jayanta
Vogt, William B.
Employment and Adverse Selection in Health Insurance (PDF) 09/04 Abstract
Kuttner, Hanns
Baughman, Reagan
Christian, Michael
Mortensen, Karoline
Employment and Health Insurance: Views from Five Surveys (PDF) 09/04 Abstract
Christian, Michael S. The Distribution of Medicaid and Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage Among Immigrants Before and After the 1996 Welfare Reform (PDF) 08/04 Abstract
Bundorf, M. Kate
Pauly, Mark V.
The Uninsured: Risk, Income, and “Affordability” of Coverage (PDF) 07/04 Abstract
Chen, Li-Wu
Adidam, Phani Tej
Pent-Up Demand: Health Care Use of the Uninsured Near Elderly (PDF)
Fang, Hanming
Silverman, Dan
Beliefs About Future Health and the Demand for Health and Health Insurance (PDF) 07/04 Abstract
Monheit, Alan C.
Vistnes, Jessica Primoff
Health Insurance Enrollment Decisions: Understanding the Role of Preferences for Coverage (PDF) 07/04 Abstract
Wolfe, Barbara
Kaplan, Thomas
Haveman, Robert
Cho, Yoon Young
Extending Health Care Coverage to the Low-Income Population: The Influence of the Wisconsin BadgerCare Program on Insurance Coverage (PDF) 06/04 Abstract
Dey, Matthew
Flinn, Christopher
An Equilibrium Model of Health Insurance Provision and Wage Determination (PDF) 12/03 Abstract
Cawley, John
Simon, Kosali
The Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on the Health Insurance Coverage of Americans (PDF) 10/03 Abstract
Royalty, Anne
Hagens, John
The Effect of Premiums on the Decision to Participate in Health Insurance and Other Fringe Benefits Offered by the Employer: Evidence from a Real-World Experiment (PDF) 07/03 Abstract
Yelowitz, Aaron Medicaid and Work Decisions of Married Women (PDF) 07/03 Abstract
Aizer, Anna
Grogger, Jeffrey
Parental Medicaid Expansions and Health Insurance Coverage (PDF)
06/03 Abstract
Borjas, George Welfare Reform, Labor Supply, and Health Insurance in the Immigrant Population (PDF) 05/03 Abstract
Gruber, Jonathan
Washington, Ebonya
Subsidies to Employee Health Insurance Premiums and the Health Insurance Market 03/03 Abstract
Bass, Elizabeth Health Insurance Coverage in America: Are Immigrants Different? (PDF) 2003 Abstract
Pollack, Harold
Davis, Matthew
Danziger, Sheldon
Orzol, Sean
Health Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Among Former Welfare Recipients (PDF) 11/02 Abstract
Crow, Sarah
Harrington, Mary
McLaughlin, Catherine
Sources of Vulnerability: A Critical Review of the Literature on Racial/Ethnic Minorities, Immigrants, and Persons with Chronic Mental Illness (PDF) 10/02 Abstract
Levy, Helen The Economic Consequences of Being Uninsured (PDF) 10/02 Abstract
Bhattacharya, Jay
Schoenbaum, Michael
The Value of the Medicare Benefit for Social Security Disability Insurance Recipients and Applicants (PDF) 07/02 Abstract
Blumberg, Linda
Nichols, Len
Why Are So Many Americans Uninsured? A Conceptual Framework, Summary of the Evidence, and Delineation of the Gaps in Our Knowledge (PDF) 07/02 Abstract
Pollack, Harold
Kronebusch, Karl
Health Insurance and Vulnerable Populations (PDF) 07/02 Abstract
Weir, David
Willis, Robert
Widowhood, Divorce, and Loss of Health Insurance Among Near-Elderly Women: Evidence from the Health and Retirement Study (PDF) 07/02 Abstract
Gruber, Jonathan
McKnight, Robin
Why Did Employee Health Insurance Contributions Rise? (PDF) 03/02 Abstract
Chernew, Michael
Hirth, Richard
Modeling the Causes and Consequences of Lack of Health Insurance Coverage: Gaps in the Literature (PDF) 01/02 Abstract
Levy, Helen
Meltzer, David
What Do We Really Know About Whether Health Insurance Affects Health? (PDF) 12/01 Abstract
Short, Pamela Farley Counting and Characterizing the Uninsured (PDF) 12/01 Abstract
Gruber, Jonathan
Madrian, Brigitte
Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Job Mobility: A Critical Review of the Literature (PDF) 11/01 Abstract