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eriu: Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured
ERIU's website has a new home, While the ERIU project has ended, ERIU research papers, Fast Facts and other website content remain available at our new location.
Initiating and disemminating research to spark new policy discussion on health coverage issues.
In the Spotlight

Papers Offer New Perspectives on Health Economic Concepts (more)

14 Years Later: How Has the Landscape for Health Reform Changed? (more)

Economists analyze key components of Presidential candidates’ health care reform plans. (more)

Short Takes: Fewer than half of Wal-Mart's employees take up their offer of health insurance. Is this a problem? (more)

On My Mind: Interview with economist Linda Blumberg on the role of risk segmentation, its effect on health insurance markets and how it hinders efforts to expand coverage and reform the health care system. (more)


Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured (ERIU)

ERIU is based at the University of Michigan and is directed by health economist Catherine McLaughlin, Ph.D. The initiative is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). ERIU has funded over 50 research projects.

Our website offers information about our research portfolio, including 58 working papers, 24 research papers selected for presentation at ERIU summer conferences, summaries that highlight ERIU's research, a Health Insurance Literature Database with capabilities to search over 1,980 articles, papers, reports, and a Data Set Directory that describes 12 publicly available datasets that can be used to conduct research on the uninsured.

Featured from ERIU

Short Takes

Short Takes: economic principles applied to health insurance coverage. view ERIU Short Takes

Fast Facts

Fast Facts: Data about who is uninsured and their use of health care. view ERIU Fast Facts